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What is Shopify 2.0, and what's new?

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At Shopify Unite 2021, Online store 2.0, or ‘Shopify 2.0’ was unveiled to the masses – all new features added to the platform, to get us designing, developing, and using the platform with ease! Check out below for the 4-1-1 on all things Shopify 2.0!

Page Sections

Sections are just page elements, like banners, or text blocks. These were fixed structures on all pages except the 'Home' page, until Shopify 2.0 brought them to EVERY page! That means more customisation options for you!

App Blocks

Integrations of Apps with stores was also quite set-in-stone before 2.0, but now apps are delivered as blocks on the page, giving merchants FULL control over where it's displayed, and which pages it displays on! No more complicated, specific settings, and you can even affect the App Settings straight from the editor! A revolution for Developers, Merchants & Users everywhere!


These are extra data pieces for specific aspects, like orders & customers, or individual pages - before Shopify 2.0, we only had rich text blocks & the page title, but now you can add more specific and unique data fields to your site! No need for APIs, or third party apps any more!

User Interface

With the new sections view, it's even easier to design with a clearer visualisation, and no more endless searching for the right section block! You can even add Liquid Code, RIGHT from the editor!

Improved Tools

With it's own code language, Liquid, a templating language, Shopify has put way more into the hands of Developers, with how they work - coding into the editor, GitHub integration, even debugging theme tools! Brilliant!

Checkout Apps

With these restricted to 'Plus' merchants before, they're now more available, and can be added to non-plus merchants too! However, FULL customisation is still limited to Plus Merchants, but we still have more options available!

Shopify 2.0

A Summary of Shopify 2.0

Online Store 2.0 is revolutionary for all of us – from Designers to Developers, to Businesses & Store Operations – we’re all happy. With new themes adopting the changes, and the platform transforming, the new flexibility for Shopify & Shopify Plus is a BIG win! The much-needed tools and the improved User Interface for the editor, are an absolute godsend, as well as the full-page editing & Metafields, it’s all good for us!

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