Headless WordPress

Don't lose your head! What is a decoupled architecture on WordPress? Separated from the templating engine, design, and user experience. The front end of the website is independent of the underlying CMS.

Headless with Web Caboodle

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We offer the complete setup and support for your headless website – don’t lose your head when it comes to WordPress, we are experts in all things web site development.

With over 10 years in the industry we’re in the know and up-to-date on the newest technologies and the latest practices, like Headless CMS, so you don’t have to be!

We pride ourselves on supporting our clients & customers in the best ways possible, so there’s no need to stress when you go headless, we’re right there with you!

With our wealth of experience and knowledge, we’ll ease your mind, ease the transition AND we’ll support you with ongoing assistance should you decide to work with us!

If you’re interested in trying us out, please, get in touch with any work lined up or projects you’ve got planned, and let’s make some magic!

Omnichannel capabilities

Customers expect a cohesive experience no matter which channel they use from Desktop to mobile to App. Headless ecommerce supports an omnichannel approach, giving customers consistent shopping experiences

Better customer experience

Headless commerce architecture accelerates you to create responsive, user-friendly experiences.  You can upgrade your frontend smoothly with no downtime.

Seamless integration

Headless integrations allow you to code solutions to supercharge your CMS or eCommerce, enabling you to save money on software and time recoding each application


With the separation of front-end from the back end, you can update customer touchpoints without worrying about affecting operational data. freedom to customize your site however you need

Headless WordPress

What is WordPress Headless CMS?

In short, the headless WordPress site is one that uses WordPress for managing content and some other custom frontend stack to display that content only without a dashboard.

Headless CMS enables you to write content via an API interface while giving us WordPress web developers the flexibility to use any frontend technology stack like using WebOps / DevOps.

In a similar way to a decoupled CMS WordPress website, Headless enables a whole host of cool features and security pros to make sure you the content creator and us the developer seamlessly improve and grow your WordPress website.

At Web Caboodle, if you choose the Headless option we can configure and develop it to suit your needs.

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